Andritz Pellet Mill Type PM30-400 Made In DenMark

Monday - 28/06/2010 09:05
The unique PM30-400 pellet mill of a robust and easy-to-maintain design for high performance and low operating costs is made especially for very demanding biomass pelleting tasks.
Andritz Pellet Mill Type PM30-400 Made In DenMark
The PM30-400 pellet mill is equipped with a highly efficient double-reduction gearbox, allowing optimum die speeds to be achieved at high working loads.
The pressurized gearbox oil lubrication system with air/oil cooling is standard.
The high-speed belt drive transmission between main motor and gearbox provides a vibration-free transmission of power to the gearbox.
The pellet chamber door is a heavy-duty unit mounted on a motorized frame for easy access to the pellet chamber.
The inner side of the pellet chamber door is provided with replaceable stainless steel protection plates.
The distribution of the product to the press rolls is achieved by separate inlet screws, one for each press roll, mounted on the pellet chamber door.
Taper fit die
The pellet mill has an operation-friendly conical, boltsuspended die of high-quality steel. The auto-piloting effect makes die change smooth and easy. Once the die has been aligned with the housing, only the final three millimetres require full power torque on the die bolts to complete the press fit. The die is symmetrical and turnable.

Replaceable wear rings
The die main shaft and the reinforcement ring are supplied with replaceable wear rings.

Press roll design
Wide rolls with turned edges and a narrow track width are supplied with sturdy spherical roller bearings to withstand heavy loads. The roller shaft, suspended at both ends, is supplied with symmetrically placed water cooling channels and thermo-sensor for temperature surveillance of roller bearings. Roll adjustment is checked through inspection hatches.

Safety stop
The shear pin system integrated with the roll adjustment spindle protects the shaft against damage from seizing due to tramp metal. A safety switch stops the mill via the control, when the shear pin breaks, and the roll is thrown back.

Compact profile
Small footprint makes the mill easy to fit into any facility.

Built-in hoist
The built-in hoist with lifting tools facilitates the change of die and rolls.

Optional accessories
• Automatic grease lubrication system for press roll bearings and roller main shaft bearing.
• Pt100 temperature sensors mounted in two press rolls for remote reading of roll temperatures.
• Water cooling of roller shaft.
• Conditioner with steam addition provides optimum retention time for specific capacity requirements.
• Computerized control system for process optimization.

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