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About Us

Nhat Phu Thai Co., Ltd

After many years of researching and developing, we - Nhat Phu Thai Company limited, Vietnam - feel honored to become one of the prestigious companies in manufacturing, importing and distributing machines used in wood pellet production line to help protect our environment and support other businesses to make significant profits.
Nhat Phu Thai offers not only single machines but also a complete wood pellet line (crushing machine - grinding machine – sawdust machine – drier – pellet press) with various capacities to suit each individual or business’s private needs.
With the cooperation with famous branches in the world like Andritz, CPM, Munch… and the supplying of many installations over Asia in many years, we have experience to maximize production and minimize costs to offer esteemed customers high quality products but reasonable price.
Besides, our talented and dynamic staffs are always available to support the equipment.
We, Nhat Phu Thai Company limited, welcome all new and old friends to contact us!


         1. Technology Transfer Consultancy; Technology Selection and Assessment Support 
              -  Consulting investment in production system of sawdust pellets “wood pellets” for exports;
              -  Consulting selection of Europe technology in producing tablets "wood pellets";
              -  Transferring Technology of producing tablets "wood pellet" with Vietnam and Europe technology;
              -  Consulting and transferring technology:
►  Hashing the export-woodchip;
►  Grinding wood into sawdust, and shavings;
►  Drying sawdust and shavings;
►  Drying high-quality agricultural products for export;
►   Drying industrial products for exports such as sand, fertilizer and mineral;
►   Producing of pure ice cube.

         2. Designing and Manufacturing Industrial Systems   
              -  Hashing System;
              -  Sawdust mill System;
              -  Sawdust drying System;
              -  Wood pellets pressing System;
              -  Factory dust processing System;
              -  High quality Agricultural products Drying System;
              -  Food drying System;
              -  Industrial drying System;
              -  Researching and designing machine systems according to customers’ requirements.
         3. Mechanical Processing
With the equipment of mechanical-processing systems such as: horizontal boring machine IKEGAI BL1O, planer-type face milling machine KOTOBUKI, miling machine specializing  for processing flanges, coiler…) and the masters, engineers and skilled workers. We can meet customers’ requests.
         4. Import Machines
              -  European wood pellets Press;
              -  Korean food drying System ;
              -  Japanese agricultural product drying System.

         5. Export Products
              -  The systems are researched and manufactured directly by Nhat Phu Thai Co.,Ltd.
              -  Sawdust pellets, bagasse pellets, rice husk pellets.
The best choices are waiting for you at Nhat Phu Thai Co, Ltd. Thank you for your attention to our service. We aspire to serving and supplying you with the most effective values.
We aim to become the leading trademark in researching, designing and producing industrial devices in Vietnam as well as in the area. This will be an inspiration and promotion for our staffs and leaders to focuse on strategic mission for domestic and regional products and services. Besides, it will contribute to orientation in studying and developing to enhance business sufficency and serve social benefits. 
With dynamic and talented leaders and staffs, we  always make every effort to supply our valued customers with the most perfect products and services with reasonable prices.

We focus on reseaching and applying new technologies to designing and manufacturing industrial devices to perfect our core products and enhance their functions but reduce the cost. This  not only makes our competitive benifit but also helps our customers have more options with reasonable prices.

Last but not least, to ensure the absolute safety in manufacturing operations as well as in business, we always commit a safe, competitive and cooperative working-environment so that our staffs can devote and loyal to the common policies and strategies because the most valuable property of each business is human.
Success of any brands are derived from the trust of consumers for the products. One of the elements making up the trust is the quality of the product. Henry Ford (1863 - 1947) father of Ford Motor Corporation - once said that "The market will never be saturated with a good product, but it will be very quickly saturated with a bad product." Therefore, our leaders always considered quality as the vital element determining our competitive strength in the market - "Because quality is the best assurance for customer trust "(Jack Welch - the former Chairman and CEO of General Electric).

The brand built by Nhat Phu Thai with philosophy "Product quality is the core - customer benefit is the key” has being trusted by customers with the quality of system of producing industrial devices verified by customers across the country.

-  Abbreviation: NHAT PHU THAI CO., LTD
-  Headquarters: 29 Hoang Van Thai Street, Hoa Minh Ward, Lien Chieu Dist, Da Nang City, Viet Nam
-  Representative office in DNC: 29 Hoang Van Thai Street, Hoa Minh Ward, Lien Chieu Dist, Da Nang City, Viet Nam
-  Representative office in HN: 35 Nguyen Ngoc Vu Strt, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Viet Nam
-  Representative office in HCMC: 6 Road No. 3, Quarter 2, Phu My Ward, District 7, HCM City, Viet Nam
-  Telephone: (84-236) 3768989 / 3741748 / 3701128 - Fax: (84-236) 3741748
-  Email: info@nhatphuthai.com.
-  Website: www.nhatphuthai.vn.

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